Middle screen of Edit Setting is showing nothing/ CC options for expression pedal is not available

I bought MC6 PRO this week but I find 2 difficulties so far.
One is when I entered edit setting mode by pressing D + F there is nothing on the middle screen. This has not been resolved even after factory reset.
The another one is I guess editor software issue. After completed Expression pedal configuration and calibration, the editor does not detect expression pedal and no any CC options is available on the Actions column.
Does anybody have same/similar issues before and how do you fix this?

If you updated to the v3.12.9 firmware using the no_keyboard version, the wrong release was uploaded last week (build number should be 240308470 instead of 240308464).

Someone has reported this to us and we have fixed it by uploading the correct version. The standard version work fine.

Can you try re-downloading the firmware?

Regarding the expression preset, you’ll need to select the preset to editor at the right sidebar.


If your expression pedal is connected to Omniport 1, then you’ll need to use Expression Preset 1.

Hi James
thanks for the instructions! Both firmware and expression issues has been resolved! thank you!

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