Microcosm Mix setting not changing with MC8

Have an MC8 and it is working with my Hologram Microcosm consistently to change programs just fine, but I’m not able to control change settings - specifically trying to change the Mix to a full wet signal. I’m using CC 9 value 127 to try to get full wet signal, and nothing changes. When I then manually twist the mix knob, works just fine. I thought maybe this was from needing a delayed signal for the CC message since sometimes it takes a second for the MC to load a preset, but I added a delay message (actually up to 4 just to make sure there was enough time) before the CC message and still not working. If instead of setting it first press on I set it to double tap, and it actually does work then, so I know the message is sending—however this defeats the purpose of wanting it to default to a 100% wet signal with any preset I switch to. Wondering if yall have a solution.

If helpful, here is a screenshot of the full preset, though I have tried it with disabling all other messages besides the initial preset switch as well (and moving it to message 2 position). The reason the preset has so many bypass CC messages is so it always starts on then toggles on and off - if you all have a simplified way for how to set that up as well would appreciate it!

Bump. Appreciate some assistance!

Sounds possible that the CC message is ignored in the Hologram as it’s still processing the earlier messages. Can you try increasing the delay to, say, 100-500ms?

You can verify that the message is being sent when you engage the preset via the MIDI monitor.

I tried increasing the delay up to 4 seconds initially haha, still didn’t work. And what do you mean with the monitoring? Not sure how to check that for the Microcosm. It’s definitely sending though.

Midi monitor is a function of the editor, search “midi monitor” in this: MIDI Editor Manual v1.3