Microcosm and expression pedal

Is there a way within a bank to set the preset so when you press the pedal it latches / stays on? I’d like to have a bank where I can assign each preset to a different control on the microcosm (activity, repeats, filter etc) and then select in each preset the option for the cc value to be controlled by the expression pedal. When i tried today I only get the cc value for where the expression pedal is set at the moment I hit the switch. I figure if it latched and stayed on then I could use the expression pedal to sweep the values. I know I can assign the expression pedal separately but can only allocate it to a certain function by bank. I’d like to just have a single bank that allows me to select what function the expression pedal is controlling. Thx.

Hi. Yes, you can do that. We made a video about that here:

Perfect! Just tried it out and it works great, thx