Message templates

I have some mgs in my presets that I always need to send, for example for resetting a pedal state etc.

I wonder if there is a way to group this or save this a template so I can choose without entering all over the place. Also once I would need to change it, I would have to go through many places.

You can put those messages in an unused preset (call that your template) and engage the template preset from other presets.

You can also use trigger to selectively trigger only some of the messages in the template.

The last message in a preset can trigger another preset (to get more messages than the limit per a single preset).

Using unused presets is one way. Ideally, we can add groups of messages (say, 4 message in a group) where you can trigger them directly from another preset. It will be possible on the MC6 PRO but not sure if we can do it on the other models yet.

I use mc8. So grouping is a feature to come?
And not sure for nc8 yet?