Message scroll works not as i want

Do i have to activate toggle rest group even if i don’t need a counter ? (or is the last screenshot only for “counter reset” example)?

you can use toggle reset group if you want to toggle other presets off if you engage a preset (it’s like set toggle but easier to program) just add every preset you’d like to be part of this to the same reset group.
this has nothing to do with the counter thing

a few more things you’ll have to consider:
every preset needs to have it’s own seperate counter.
you’ll have to update the placeholder in the short, toggle and long name of the preset
%F1 = counter 1
%F2 = counter 2
and so forth

basically what does that mean?
for preset B - chorus I activate reset toggle group 1
for preset C - chorus I activate reset toggle group 2
for preset D - chorus I activate reset toggle group 3


no, all three of them go to the same group

chorus, phaser, trem = toggle reset group 1




But why F and not E in the names?

if the pedal is OFF no strip is ON.
If i activate chorus, all 3 strips goes ON, on every preset from the “reset toggle group 1”

F will display a 1 on the first counter position while E will display a 0. You can change that if you want

you chose toggle group! to get to toggle reset group you have to scroll down in the dropdown.

for me it displays the “program change” number for the moment

indeed, I had seen it wrong

I hope everything is fine now. I got to go. Fell free to pm me if you still got problems with this.

ok thanks.
one point is not clear. i 'll write tomorrow

thanks and good night :pray:t2: :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

so the only point that is not clear is this story of %E or %F

if in the preset name I choose:

with %E I get in the counter numbers the same as the Programm changes.

with %EF, I obtain for the chorus 01 for the tremolo 02 and for the phaser 03 see photo but the counter does not work.

with %F, I get as with %E, the programmed number changes

Is it possible to have, if I have for example 5 different choruses, a counter which goes from 1 to 5 ?

If i make these settings:

i obtain this:

To display the numbers from 0 up you have to type in %E + scroll counter number
If you want to start at 1 you’ll have to type %F + scroll counter number

For example %E1 will display the current position of counter 1, %EA will display counter A ( that being 10 in hexa decimal notation)

That’s how it works, afaik there are no other options currently

Ok, i have tried it, it works all fine.