Message Scroll with more than one message to scroll gets out of sync when reversing scroll direction

I have set up a preset that should scroll through messages - messages are grouped in three: One sends a CC message, one changes the preset name and one changes the background colour.

As last messages I set scroll number to 3 and I have a msg with a Long Press that reverse the scroll direction and execute.

But two problems:

  1. The long press do reverse but it jumps two steps - perhaps due to problem no 2
  2. The scrolling gets out of sync. When starting out the resulting MSG after each release will be 3, 6, 9 etc as it should but after the reversing the MSG are 2, 5, 8

A simpler version with only one msg sending CC value per “group” works as it should.

Actually my preferred solution would be that long press just jumps one step back and after that next release will jump forward so a Press relese will go one down the list and a long press will go one up in the list but I cannot see how I can do that.

Both the advanced and the simple preset is in this bank:
MC6 Pro Bank

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