Message Scroll Question?

What I’m trying to accomplish
Button Press One → Send CC 70
Button Press Two → Send CC 70 and Send CC 72
Button Press Three → Send CC 72
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I thought this would be easy but the challenge seems that i can’t send two messages in Message Scroll Mode?

If you have a solution please let me know!

You can send 2 messages in Message Scroll Mode. You’l need to use the utility message type explained in the manual here: Message Type List

Since you only need 2 messages for the second scroll step, you’ll need to add dummy messages to the first and third step.

Just to share an alternative method, you can also create 3 different presets in a location that is unused, and then just use the Message Scroll function to scroll through each of them using the ‘Engage Preset’ message type: Message Type List

Thanks, i was able to figure it out with the Engage Preset suggestion! I am trying to have the name update when the Message “scrolls” to the next. I have no action utility on message 1 to change to 2 steps… not sure if that is how you do it. Then i have no action change name in between each action. Doesn’t seem to be the answer, let me know the best way to code this . Thanks again

SOLVED! thanks for your help