Message 'On Exit' of Preset?

Hello, I’m wondering if one can send a message on the exiting of a preset, similar to the On Exit messages in the Edit Bank section? Thanks!

What are you meaning by exiting it? I only think of it as actively engaging with it or toggling in some cases and not entering or exiting it.

Yep… need more information on Exiting a preset :sweat_smile:

Hah my bad, let me try to say it a different way.

You know how the MC8 shows the active preset on the left edge? Whenever you activate another preset, you’re “exiting” the current one, right?

ohh ok thats right… hmm, you might be on to something here. Will explore!


There is also some “Release” actions on the switch presets.

“Release”,”long press release” ,”double tap release” etc etc

This is triggered when the action is “complete”!

You may also want to look at the “ENGAGE PRESET” action as well.

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We’ll implement this in the MC8 beta firmware next (have already implemented it, now just testing).

Logically, this action will only work for certain message types. It won’t work for message types like MIDI clock, AxeFX tuner, bank up/down etc.

It’ll also only work when the preset is “exited” in the same bank. If the bank is changed, then there is no preset “entered” yet. So after changing bank, pressing Preset A (for example) won’t trigger anything. Thereafter, pressing Preset B will trigger On Exit in Preset A.

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@james strikes again!

Have just updated the MC8 beta firmware to include this feature.


I think an On Enter Preset might make sense too? As long as the preset is activated, the On Enter messages will execute once (regardless of action) and will not execute again until a different preset is selected and the first preset is selected again.


Oh that could be really nice! So you get a whole new single use action when a preset is activated? How does the toggle position play into this? Very exciting development!

The toggle positions will be respected - so the toggle position has to match.

I’m not 100% sure how this will be useful yet - the only scenario I can think of at the moment is something like this:

Where Msg1 is Record, and Msg2 is Stop.

I’ve added this feature in today’s update (2021-05-26)