Meris Polymoon with MC8 - moving jumpers not needed?

I just got the MC8 other day and loving how is opening things up.

One strange thing though… I have a Meris Polymoon and followed the instructions in the manual to move the jumpers around on the omni port I wanted to use. Couldn’t get it to work at all. Saw a post with someone saying that they hadn’t done that and it worked fine. So replaced the jumper and all working now.

Anyone else experience this? Is the manual incorrect? Is there any risk of damaging the pedal doing it this way?

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Hey, Chris!

A Meris fan here. I use my Hedra, Enzo and Mercury7 with my MC8 without any problem. No need to change the jumpers for the omniports to work with Meris pedals. I only changed one for a Chase Bliss one.

You should just be able to connect with with the proper TRS cable and work fine. I’d suggest you make sure the Meris pedal is configure so that the EXP out receives MIDI, because that’s not a default.

Thanks for the reply, all fine now once replaced the jumpers. Moved for CB pedal and that worked great too

I just spent the better part of the day with this same problem. The pdf manual really needs to be updated, as I followed it to a t.

Sorry, I hope we didn’t miss something out. We do have examples for Meris and Chase Bliss in the manual here:

Hey James the example for CB works great. It was just the Meris one which didn’t that.

Following the meris example actually stops the pedal from interacting with the MC8. To make a meris pedal work it took replacing both jumpers to their original position

That’s odd. Meris sends MIDI back from the Ring, and what we found in the past is that if we attached the jumpers in the default position (which means that the ring is powered), we sometimes had unexpected behaviour. We’ll dig into this more. Thanks for the feedback!

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