Has any of you managed to get MIDI OUT of your Enzo so you can use one of the third party interfaces to set it up ? (like and also to save your pedal settings to your computer using Sysex librarian ?

I have tried the following configs and neither would give me MIDI out of the Enzo, only MIDI IN so I can send settings to it.

  • Enzo <> MC-8 <> USB MIDI <> Mac
  • Enzo <> Disaster Area MIDI BOX 4 <> MC8 <> USB MID <> Mac
  • Enzo <> Disaster Area MIDI BOX 4 <> MC8 <> Scarlett 6i6 <> Mac

I checked the Enzo config for MIDI out and its set the right way (=not MIDI through but MIDI OUT), I tried using TS-TS and +TRS-TRS cable out of the Enzo also but no luck.

I do have a support request ongoing with Meris but I am wondering if any of you would have Enzo + Morningstar + Mac config and have it to work with MIDI both ways.

Thanks !

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OK so I got some answers here.
First the Disaster Area MIDI BOX 4 doesn’t support MIDO OUT from 1/4" jacks to DIN so… No luck.

Then I am wondering if the MC8 allows for MIDI signal into the 1/4" to be then sent out to DIN as I tried it this way (without the D.A. MIDI BOX) and couldn’t make it to work.

I’m using the Roland UM-One and the Meris I/O for my connection. I have both the Enzo and Mercury 7, both work just fine with the editor. I bypass my MC8 and just swap cables to the Meris I/O for the editor and swap back for MC8 control.

Thanks for sharing your experience. :+1:
That said what I really don’t want is to have to swap any cable, that defeats the purpose for me.

I ordered a Meris MID I/O, we’ll see how it goes.

I will say the Editor is excellent and it does pretty much as the MC8 but has the ability to get unlimited # of random settings and save them quickly

The Meris I/O box works great for me.
Up to 4 TRS MIDI boxes (I have connected all mine - including Strymon Sunset etc) - and the 5 pin MIDI IN & OUT allows it to go any where in the MIDI chain

Meris has special requirements for TRS MDI - hence their own box. .
Saves a lot of messing about with DIP Switches…

I tried the meris box as an extension to my mc8’s 1/4" midi connections and found it problematic for my needs (ultimately returned it). each I/O channel on the meris unit as far as i understand it is both in AND out and they seem to be jumpered. therefore if you have a 1/4" midi device that strictly accepts midi IN midi clock will not pass on to the next device plugged into the meris box. it requires an equal number of pedals with both in and out to pass clock along the chain. hope this makes sense.

for example: one meris pedal and one red panda pedal connected set to receive clock. if you add a second red panda unit to the chain (these only accept and do not return midi except via usb) the previous unit will stop listening and instead clock will move to the most recently connected unit. its pretty bizarre and took a lot of digging to figure out i wasn’t losing my marbles.

Finding myself in the same boat. Didn’t realize that the midi box 4 won’t pass midi back to DIN…ugh. So now considering switching to meris midi io, but i’m concerned that even if I do that, will the upstream mc8 pass midi that it gets from the midi io? Did you have success with this setup? (making an assumption that you’re going mac<>usb midi<>mc8<>meris midi io<>enzo).

Ive been doing this for a few weeks now; Laptop(windows) running ableont 11/focusrite 18i8 with a PUSH 2 and a Digitakt plugged in sending midi to MC8 Via USB and then the Strymon Conduit providing extra 1/4’ and usb connections down stream from MC8 and all is running smoothly. full compliment of midi pedals and loopers all keeping time.

The issue under discussion is how MC8 responds to signals FROM connections downstream. Input TO those devices works without question. For instance(from OP):

Enzo web editor–(USB)->MC8–(DIN)->Midi box 4–(TRS)->Enzo ==> input from web to pedal works fine, input to enzo not reflected in web editor (determined by OP to be because midibox 4 doesn’t pass midi in on trs jack to midi out on DIN)

Enzo web editor–(USB)->MC8–(TRS)->Enzo ==> input from web to pedal works fine, input to enzo not reflected in web editor (unknown why this doesn’t work, but presumably the same problem as #1 - MC* doesn’t take midi signals it receives on omniport to DIN/USB).

Unfortunately, what I thought might work(implied by where OP was going), turns out not to work. That is using Meris Midi I/O instead of disaster area midi box 4. Midi I/O DOES take midi from enzo via TRS and pass to its DIN out. I tested this by isolating the pedal and using my audio interface as midi usb connection. It works perfectly (web editor–(USB)->focusrite–(DIN)->Midi I/O–(TRS)->Enzo(and back via same chain). This works perfectly. Unfortunately, using MC8 instead of focusrite doesn’t.

web editor–(USB)->MC8–(DIN)->Midi I/O–(TRS)->Enzo(and back via same chain) ==> input from web to pedal works fine, input to enzo not reflected in web editor.

I have ensured that Midi Thru and Cross Midi Thru are both ON in the MC8 settings.

Based on my tests, it appears that midi signals coming INTO MC8 on TRS omniport OR Midi IN DIN are not being passed to USB.

Sorry for the necro bump, am I reading this right, that I can not edit Meris pedals via the editor by plugging the Computer > USB > MC6 > Meris Midi I/O > Enzo? Instead I have to go Computer > USB to Midi device > Meris Midi I/O > Enzo?