MC8 - won't power Midi Solutions Relay

I’m trying to get the MC8 to switch amp channels. Single TS, just amp switching, without additional functions (all my amp has - Friedman JJ Jr combo). I thought the Midi Solutions Relay would do the trick, but it requires 5v midi power, and it seems the MC8 only provides 3.3 (as is specified in the “new” midi standard - the Midi Solutions Relay is an older design). The Relay will not power up. Any way to get the MC8 to put out 5v? Or failing that, is there another device that I can use for this same purpose? Some kind of power adapter? Open to ideas…

Thx - Vince

I use the Midi Solution Power Adapter MIDI Solutions Power Adapter; Power Supply for MIDI Solutions Products

Thanks - I just came across that, but nice to know it works. Of course, while looking for that I also came across the Voodoo Labs Midi Amp Commander… which is overkill for what I’m doing with 4 relay outputs, but it can be powered off of a standard 9v power supply. It’s more expensive than the Relay, but less than the Relay and Power Adapter together, and provides expansion if I need more than one switch at some point.

This is how I end up with so much extra equipment! Thanks for the response…

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Usually we recommend this: Suhr microMIDI Control -

We’ve not personally used it but have had feedback that it works great. From their manual, the switching features seems comprehensive enough.

That looks great! Thanks for the recommendation, looks like a great size too