MC8 with Loopy HD app on iPad Pro (probably a newbie problem)

Hi. I’ve decided to start learning looping with my guitar & microphone - and been following JohnPaul Music UK YouTube channel and especially this video:

Now, having pretty much the same kind of setup and following carefully the above mentioned video, I’ve been first able to define the actions / MIDI events to MC8 and after that create the bindings to Loopy HD. Loopy HD identifies the MC8 and is able to listen to MIDI events sent from it. End result is just the same as in the video at 8:47.

However, when try to start looping pushing the buttons of MC8, nothing happens in Loopy HD. Nothing.

I have the latest firmware on MC8, latest iOS on iPad and latest version of Loopy HD.

This must be some very trivial newbie thing, right…?

Hi! Have you disconnected the MC from the editor using the “disconnect” button in the MC editor?

Good point @moley6knipe, I had not pressed the disconned button. However, it did not seem to resolve the problem.

If it helps, Web MIDI input monitor shows following log, when I press buttons A to H:

port:Morningstar MC8 b0 1 0 
port:Morningstar MC8 b0 2 0 
port:Morningstar MC8 b0 3 0 
port:Morningstar MC8 b0 4 0 
port:Morningstar MC8 b0 5 0 
port:Morningstar MC8 b0 6 0 
port:Morningstar MC8 b0 7 0 
port:Morningstar MC8 b0 8 0 

Managed to solve this myself. In Morningstar MIDI Editor, the “CC Value” fields were initially set to 0 - and changing them to 1 for all buttons fixed the issue. Works just fine!