MC8 with Helix Floor

Typically I use my Helix Floor on a stand and would like to use the MC8 as a foot controller. I’ve had some issues configuring the MC8 to control the six switch looper. I’ve attempted using MIDI CC#s 60-63 & 65-67, as well as using footswitch emulation CC#s 50, 51, 55, 56, 57 & 58. Neither of which seems to provide control.

If anyone has some insight into this issue, I’d appreciate their response.

Hi. Is your Helix responding to your MC8 for other functions? Just want to make sure that you have the Helix set to the right MIDI channel.

Also, what issues are you facing? Is it total non response or the Helix doing something unintended?

Thanks Brandon for responding. I’m not sure what the problem was. It might have been the switch positions (Pos: 1, Pos: 2, Pos: Both). Initially, I thought I might be able to use “Looper Mode”, as there seems to be some latency using MIDI CC#s 60-63 & 65-67. None the less, it is working now.

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