MC8 WITH GT CORE 1000 Boss

With PC scroll up deprecated:

If I push a PC patch stored say number 23( Core) on Button B( MC8) changing from Memory 1(Core) to do so.

Then hit Button A in the MC8 which is the PC scroll up deprecated button which scrolls up incrementally, It continues the scroll up from Number 1(Core) , Not number 23 (Core).

Is there a way to have it pic up the increment from number 23?

As the GT1000 core has 250 program change option Voices is there a way to enhance the PC RANGE I am unaware of from 1/127 ?

Like an enhancement or trick / Work around etc

“Deprecated” for a reason. You’ll have more control using its replacement:

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If you want to go past patch 128 you’ll have to switch to the next pc bank. The GT has four banks, 0 and 1 are the user presets, 2 and 3 are factory presets. By default you’ll always recall a preset of bank# 0.
To change banks just send a cc# 0 with a cc value of the bank# you want to go to.
For example sending a cc# 0 , cc value 1, pc#1 will recall preset 129 of the GT.

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Quick notice,
Murmeltier pointet out, that the GT’s pc mapping is organized in four banks with 125 presets each.
So to recall user preset 125 you’ll have to send a pc# 124,
to recall user preset 126 you’ll have to send cc#0, cc value1, pc#1
I have not tested this myself but I assume this is correct.

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