Mc8 vs Hologram Electronics Chroma Console

I already have the Mc8 hooked up via midi to a Hologram Electronics Microcosm, Strymon Timeline, Strymon Bluesky and the Meris Enzo (via Omniport) They all worked great and have setlists working fantastically. the Midi Out to Midi (back) In to the MC8 was from the Microcosm - that is now hooked to the Chroma Console and then back to the MC8. I remember I had issues with getting messages to the Microcosm before, I ended up changed it to MIDI Channel 1 (even though it is 3rd in the midi chain) That worked. I have set the Chroma to be Midi Channel 5 in the global settings for that pedal and also made it Midi Thru as well. I also remeber the PC messages were screwed up and were one digit out in the User Manual fro the Microcosm - but all I have been trying to do is use CC messages to Engage the Chroma and another CC to activate one was dirt parameters (Drive). Nothing happens. I will have a look at the Midi Messages on the Editor when I get home to see if anything has been sent but does anyone know if there is an issue with Hologram printing the wrong Midi CC/ PC numbers on the manual. Very frustrating.

Check the value of the CC you are sending to bypass
I just setup bypass on the Chroma Console and Microcosm
Took me a bit to get it to work because it’s the same cc number, value 0-63 bypasses and 64-127 engages the pedal

Thank you so much for your help! It turns out I did not press down on the Microcosm selector to choose Midi Thru! Its working great now. Let me know some of your Chroma presets so i can save em!