MC8 v3.9.7 Random Freezes

I just got a used MC8 after a year with MC6. I am very proficient at programming these things but I am not doing anything really complicated anyway.
I have loaded up a patch from MC6 and am finding that the controller regularly freezes - the buttons become totally unresponsive until I power down. Not sure if this is a hardware issue or latest firmware. Tried with both 3.9.7 and 3.9.7A
Tried with USB only and good quality 500mA power supply.
Files enclosed.
controller_settings_all.json (9.1 KB)
Morningstar_MC8_Bank_Backup_Blues Junior_20220126_095048.json (205.0 KB)

Update: This very much looks like a 3.9.7 issue.
3.9.6 seems to be going strong so far!

Did you update from a v3.8 firmware to a v3.9 firmware before this happened? I just loaded your file into my v3.9.7 MC8, trying to replicate the freeze now. Does it happen when just stepping on switches, or were you using an expression pedal as well?

This was factory reset with 3.9.6 on it when i got it and then I upgraded to 3.9.7
There is an expression pedal connected but the hanging occurred within a few minutes each time of just pressing switches. Seems to be stable now on 396.

@james - Any progress on this?

I reverted to 3.9.6 for a month and all Ok.
Just tried 3.9.7A and it froze again.

Are you able to replicate the freeze? Did it occur in a specific bank?

I can’t replicate it on demand. It’s random a couple in a couple of hours.
I have rehearsals and gigs so I’m back to 3.9.6 for now.

Thanks for the info. Can you share with me your “all banks” data file? I’ll take a look and try to replicate. The file in your initial post was a single bank only.

Can you give this firmware a go and see if you still face the freeze issues? There are a couple of bug fixes here: [Beta release] Firmware v3.9.8

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