MC8 v3.8.5 Beta firmware with bug fixes

Releasing the MC8 firmware update as beta first, along with v1.1.5 in the staging editor (

Hoping to get some feedback on the MIDI Clock thru functionality and whether there is any more drifting when using it with Loopers. Also, the ability to load presets through switch press into the editor can be selected in the Editor Settings.

Download here: Release Firmware v3.8.4 · Morningstar-Engineering/MC8-MIDI-Controller · GitHub

Firmware v3.8.5 (beta)

New features

  • Integration with Editor Settings in Editor v1.1.5
    • Selecting Load data using Switch Press in the Editor Settings will allow you to load data into the editor using switch presses, but some functions will be blocked (bank up/down etc) in the controller. Turning the setting OFF will not block any setting, but pressing the controller switches will not load data into the Editor. You need to select the preset from the editor dropdown box instead.


  • Improved MIDI Clock handling
    • More accurate MIDI clock thru
    • Turning ignore MIDI clock setting on will now just have the controller completely ignore MIDI clock and not pass it thru.
    • Incoming MIDI clock signals will no longer set internal MIDI clock. It will just get passed directly thru if the MIDI Thru settings are turned on

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Keystroke bug where multiple modifiers are not detected
  • Fixed MIDI Clock menu bug introduced in v3.8.4
  • Fixed issue with Sequencer where engines 1 & 2 follows same BPM