MC8 Toggle name issue

First time newbie post so hello everyone. :wave:

I have a small issue with my MC8 I can’t solve. I have a Preset that activates a loop on an RJM Effects Gizmo via MIID CC. When the Preset is on, the Toggle Name is displayed on the MC8, (I’ve capitalised the Preset name to indicate its on status.) I also have a “long press” action setup for the same Preset which activates a “bank jump”. I have “Remember Toggle States” enabled so the MC8 leaves the RJM Loop Preset activated on the bank jump.

The problem is, when I jump back to the original bank from the bank jump, the Toggle Name is no longer displayed, even though the status of the Preset is still enabled, i.e. the RJM loop is still activated.

So I guess the question is… is there a way to get a Preset’s Toggle Name to persist after switching between banks?

I realise that on the original bank, I could use the Set Toggle action but I only want this to happen when switching from one specific bank, not all of them if that makes sense.

Could you share a screenshot of what you have programmed?

Try to use ‘release’ instead of ‘press’ to toggle your preset. That might solve it.

Sorry for the very late reply GuitarWolf. I don’t seem to be getting notifications of replies!

I have actually been using ‘release’ instead of ‘press’. Attached are screenshots showing the relevant Presets in the two Banks.

If I have Preset G “BigSky” engaged in Bank 1, the preset shows the Toggle Name on the MC8. Then a long press on Preset G “BigSky” triggers the Bank Jump to Bank 10 where I send out program change messages to the BigSky.

I have Remember Toggle States turned on in Controller Settings so on the Bank Jump, Preset G is still in its active state with the Toggle Name showing. The problem is that on the Bank Jump from Bank 10 back to Bank 1, the Toggle Name no longer shows for Preset G “BigSky” showing that it is still active. It is effectively still active because I have Remember Toggle States turned on if that makes sense.

I wondered if the issue was the Ignore Bank Preset On Exit and Ignore Bank Preset On Enter settings but adjusting these doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Don’t use the ‘toggle mode’ use the message type ‘toggle preset’ instead. That should solve it.

If you turn ‘toggle mode’ on, any action will toggle the preset. The long press action will toggle the preset after all messages have been executed. That’s why you end up in pos1. If you turn toggle mode off and programm a ‘toggle preset’ to your release actions you can avoid that the long press toggles the preset.

Just programm a message with:
‘Toggle Preset’
‘Pos both’

FYI: messages paired with a release action won’t be triggered after you performed a long press. There is another action type called ‘long press release’ that will do that.


Great many thanks GuitarWolf. I’ll give this a try this afternoon.

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This works!!! :grin: Now the state of the Preset matches the state the Toggle Name when I jump back to the bank. Not 100% sure exactly why it works but work it does. Thanks again GuitarWolf

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I’ve had the exact same issue.

I think it works this way, because when you enable “Toggle Mode” for a switch it always toggles on a press.
So the long press you used to get to your Big Sky Bank toggled the switch again.

Right that’s where I was going wrong. It’s sinking in now!

I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for a few weeks now.
Hours of youtubing and scouring the forums. I was convinced that my Remember Toggle States or Toggle Group functions weren’t working but i finally landed on this thread!

My scenario was;

  • Homepage with 4x chase bliss pedals (A,B,D,E) with Release toggles to switch on and off.
  • Long Press on each pedal’s switch to take me to that particular pedal’s Bank where i can choose various presets as well as an on-off toggle (a copy and paste command as per its one on my Homepage).

Whenever I engaged a pedal on the Homepage, went to its preset Bank and then returned to the Homepage - the pedal appeared off on the MC6 Pro but it was still engaged on the pedal.

Took a while to get my head around the above rationale, but makes sense now.

My MC6 is finally operating as i was hoping, so thank you!!

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