MC8 Toggle Mode - toggle preset when hitting switch for another

This is hard to explain, so please bear with me!!! In a bank on my MC8 I have the footswitches all assigned to trigger a program change for presets on my Meris Enzo (1 to 8), and am using toggle mode (and preset blink) to show when a preset is active. All very handy!

However, if I have preset 1 active and then hit preset 2, on the pedal it just switches to preset 2, but the MC8 still displays preset 1 as being active; both presets 1 & 2 show as on, and blinking.

Is there a way to have, in this example, hitting preset 2 (on) to toggle preset 1 to show as off?!


there are several options to do this.
I’d program each patch with a ‘set toggle’ and ‘on disengage’

This will set the toggle for patch A to pos1 if you press any button other than A.

If you only want to set the toggle, if you press a button that is programmed with a pc for your Enzo, you can do this by programming every patch with a ‘set toggle’ on ‘press’

Alternatively you can use the setting under Bank Settings “Clear Preset Toggles” this will reset each preset (stop blinking) when you click another. Since you’re using PCs only this may be simpler/less programming.

This is SO helpful - thanks all!

Oh and also, is there a way to set a preset to automatically toggle a preset to show as on when I power on the MC8? It doesn’t actually need to send any MIDI out to the Blooper, just blink as being on when I look at the bank on the MC8

Not 100% sure on this one. I Imagine maybe using an “On Enter” event under Bank Settings with a “Set Toggle” could work. In theory, when you enter said bank it will toggle the specified preset without triggering the POS1 messages. What I’m most unsure about is if powering on into said bank will trigger an On Enter since you didn’t really go into it. Someone more knowledgeable than me prob has a solution if that doesn’t work.

Yeah that would probably work, I assume (though have never checked!) that the MC fires on enter bank events when it first boots.

Easy enough to test. Try an “on enter once only” bank message in bank 1 and ensure that “Load last used bank on power up” is disabled. That way the controller will always boot to bank 1.

This was perfect, thanks! I set it to On Enter Once Only and Set Toggle, and it works exactly as I wanted - thanks!

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One final question - in my Blooper bank I have preset blink / toggle mode doing a lot of heavy lifting for telling me what the Blooper is currently doing - the only trouble being that when I scroll to a different page or bank and go back to the Blooper bank / page, the toggles have been deactivated and are no longer blinking. Is there a way to make those persistent?

This MC8 is an absolute beast - I’m LOVING how easy this is making quite complex pedals!!!

Should be… global settings:

Remember Preset Toggle States Across Banks
Determine whether preset toggle states are remembered across banks even after you have changed banks. If ON, your presets will remain in their last used toggle state even as you scroll through banks. If OFF, your preset toggle states will reset once you exit a bank.

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BRILLIANT, thanks! That’s sorted it