MC8 to Digitakt - Trig key

Hello. On each pattern, 8 trig keys. How to choose to play one with MC8?

Hi. You need to use Note messages. The following is taken from page 21 of the Elektron Digitakt manual ( It should help.

Some functions can be triggered by sending MIDI note values from an external MIDI device (a MIDI keyboard or a computer, for example) connected to the Digitakt via a standard MIDI cable or a USB 2.0 A to B connector cable.
Of the 128 notes in the standard MIDI range, Note numbers 0–8 correspond to notes C0 through to G0, the leftmost octave (which is sometimes called C-2–G-2 in certain applications). These notes will trigger the sound of track 1 through track 8, respectively (provided they are set to their default channels 1-8). These notes values map to each of the eight tracks, regardless of which track is active.
MIDI note numbers 12–59 (corresponding to notes C1–B4, the second through to fifth octaves in the MIDI range) will trigger the sound of the active track in any of its 49 chromatic variations (as if played by the [TRIG] keys in CHROMATIC mode, see section below), from lowest to highest pitch.
MIDI program change messages 0–127 will select pattern 1–128 (A01–H16) on the Digitakt. Additionally, MIDI CC and NRPN messages can be sent to control various aspects of the Digitakt. For more information, please see “APPENDIX A: MIDI” on page 66.

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I don’t know Digitakt but Model:Cycles and Samples.
On Elektron each track can be assigned a midi channel, then the notes and CC you send on these channels go to the track. A trig usually correspond to a note, and notes sent on a track channel, if the track is set to accept external midi, are played as if the trig was pressed.
What are you exactly trying to do ? May be you’d better ask on

Ooops. Track, not trig. (Excuse me).
Each pattern has 8 audio tracks. With Program change, I choose pattern (1 to 128) and play sequence.
But I can’t choose one track. It’s a pity

If you use the sequencer, you can select a pattern and the mute the tracks you don’t need.
But without starting the sequencer, on Models, I select a pattern just for its associated sounds in each track, then I send my midi notes from another midi notes generator to the midi channel of the track I want to hear the sound. Very easy in fact.
There is also a default track channel which correspond to the selected track on the model, so sending notes to this default track channel you can change the target track by selecting it on the model.

You essentially want to solo the track you want to play.
I have an Octatrack and not a Ditakt. And with the Octatrack, CC#120-127 can be used to solo track 1-8.

Check your manual on cc values for Digitakt

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Not for Digitakt. CC values stop at 119.

CC#120 stops pattern.
Track 1 to 8: it’s ´Note on’ value 0 to 7.