Mc8 to control gig performer jamming set-up

I like to jam with Backing track or songs with S GEAR so I made a JAMMING SET-UP in GIG PERFORMER to be able to have up to 8 different song or Backing Tracks.

I also made a Pedalboard with different effects, recreate The STEALER amp of S Gear and made a Global Rackspace where I can use Post effects softwares instead of S Gear own post effects.

All this is controlled with my MC8:

Page one:
I can switch from Amp A to AMP B ( S Gear The Stealer)
I can have Effects in or out in S Gear
I can activate other post effects at once ( MixIR3, Soundtoys and Fractal Reverb)
I access Gig Performer Tuner
On the Stealer I can access Channel 1 or 2 on The Stealer
On the Stealer I can activate the boost switch
ON The Stealer I can have Delay and or Reverb ON / Off

I have access to 8 different pedal softwares

Expression pedal: I use it to control my Wah Software

I will add Aux switches to control the Audio Player in Gig Performer (Play, Sop Rewind)

I attached a picture of my Gig Performer Rackspace. and pictures of each pages of my MC8