MC8 Tap Tempo Menu Problems

I have always had trouble editing the preset tempo in the tap menu. When I enter the tap menu to edit the tempo, I’ll adjust tempo and click save. When I go back to my preset and click the Tap button, it reverts back to the original tempo. Morningstar said on one of their videos that editing in the tap menu will permanently change the preset’s tempo, but it has never worked for me.


It’s not as simple as this setting on your controller, is it?…

MidiClk] - Persistent MIDI Clock
Turn persistent MIDI clock ON or OFF. If persistent MIDI clock is ON, MIDI Clock data will continue to be sent even when you press another switch, change banks or move your expression pedal. If persistent MIDI clock is OFF, MIDI clock data will cease to be sent when an event (like a switch press or expression pedal move) is triggered.

tried this both ways, still doing the same thing