Mc8 switch a one press works as double press

I don’t know it this is a bug or a fault with my unit but after I’ve updated to the latest firmware,
in one of the banks, I have programmed a bank jump on double tap to footswitch a.
when I press it once it performs the bank jump. Acts as if it has been pressed twice


Paste screenshots of your settings here…


Any reason you have both long press and double tap assigned? Wouldn’t expect either to cause your issue unless you are slow with the release?

You probably want to change all the presses to release. Don’t think that’s your issue, but it’s better unless you know what you’re doing.

See: Action Type List

@eranweitz - @quadstar is on the money with the combinations of actions here, I think. Change your Press actions to Release. The reason is how various actions coexist - shown in the table in the actions manual linked in previous post.

Also bear in mind (though, not sure this is actually documented ) that bank actions always trigger last, regardless of msg sequence.

Also: noticed you posted message 7 onwards in your screenshots. Are there any messages stored in 1-6 that might also be causing this, I wonder?

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