MC8 strategy planning template?

MC8 (and ML5) user here with an HX Stomp, 2 x Eventide H9’s, Strymon Mobius and Specular Tempus and have everything connected via midi and I am finally getting there - I love my MC8!

To aid in planning my MC8 strategies moving forward, I was hoping that Morningstarfx or maybe a user has created a template document (xls, doc, etc.) that would show options for the various banks and pages, as well as omniport assignments that cold be edited and saved to map various strategies…

Personally, this would be very beneficial in 1st planning a strategy and then implementing in the editor.

I don’t want to reinvent the wheel so if such a doc exists, please let me know…
If not, I will try to create such a document and share here…

Even better, could the editor be tasked to display an editable/save-able offline representation of the mc8/mc6/mc3 various banks, presets, ports and assignments?
It would be killer to have a dedicated tab in the editor to display an editable MC controller “workspace” document as a reference and planning tool…

I can’t give you a template, but can at least tell you my strategy . I am a guitarist.(Xotic EP boost->TS mini-> HX->fx loop out to Effectrode Blackbird->HX return).
I control the Blackbird with a Suhr Micro MIDI controller.
HX has 126 Presets. The manual talks about HX banks (e.g. 1A,1B, 1C) but these are really just individual presets in sets of three (buttons) - so just think of them as presets.
Now, the MC8 has 30 banks - two pages of 8 banks (plus 6 more accessible via 2-button combos) for a total of 768 presets!
The first thing I did was sync my HX to my MC8 - both are ch 1. I set up the Stomp to display preset 000 thru 125 instead of 1A,B,C, and then preceded to sync the first 30 presets 000 thru 029 to banks 1 thru 30. I did it by programming HX preset PC messages into the Bank editor so that on entry into the MC Bank, it will pull up the corresponding HX preset, and if I pull up the preset on the HX, it pulls up the corresponding bank on the MC8. I can also use the standard two-button bank UP / Dn on the MC8 and these comands will work on the HX (because bank up enters a new bank which sends the corresponding PC message to the HX)
I am approaching the MC8 like it is my sonic painter’s pallet. My Blackbird has three channels, Green (clean) , Blue (tight crunch) and Red (saggy crunch). So MC8 Bank 1 is GRN, bank 2 is BLU, bank 3 is RED, and I repeat thru 30. This way, from any MC8 bank, whatever channel the blackbird is on, any other channel is reachable via single bank up or down.
So, MC8 Bank will change both HX preset and Blackbird preamp channel. I will use an ML5 to control the TS mini and can use one of the buttons on the MC8 to toggle it on and off in each bank.
I moved tap/tempo to MC8’s ‘D’ button and copied it to every MC8 bank and page (to free up FS3 on the HX). For now, I have set up buttons E, F and G as Snapshot 1, 2 and 3 for whatever preset I am currently in, and these are copied to every bank (page 1 only).
On the HX, the Blackbird FX loop is in slot 4 of every preset, and the 1 button looper is in slot 8 of every preset. On the MC 8, button C is STOP which I have copied to every bank and page. ON Page 2 I have additional looper commands (Play Once).
Bank 1 preset 000 is set up Green - TS mini off
Bank 2 preset 001 is sed up BLU - TS mini on
Bank 3 preset 002 is RED - TS mini off
Bank 4 is preset 003 GRN TS mini ON
Bank 5 preset 004 is sedt up BLU - TS mini OFF
Bank 6 preset 005 is RED - TS mini ON
The HX kind’ve has patterns of 3 (3 snapshots, “banks” of 3 presets etc) and the Blackbird has gthree channels, so I have followed the motif of 3 and will mentally group the MC banks as sets of three banks, three plain, then three with Univibe, then Chorus, a bank of delay settings etc.
In my head I will have a particular sound I want. I will figure out how to get that sound and then tie it to a specific button on the MC8. The MC8 only has 30 banks, so that means presets 30 thru 125 cannot be accessed via bank up / bank down commands on the MC8 via MY METHOD, but I have not found it to be an issue ( it IS possible if you program an MC8 button to send HX bank up or down commands, but the reason I don’t do that is because bank up bank down does not guarantee that the HX and MC8 bank presets stay synched - MC8 will send a bank up message to the HX - my method sends a “go to this specific HX preset” message every time I enter a specific bank (which happens on bank up and down) so my method guarantees banks and presets stay synched. Yes, it is a lot of manual programming of 30 banks - suck it up :slight_smile:
My goal is not to compulsively fill up every blank bank and preset with STUFF. I’ve got four basic sounds I am working on

  • Clean and Bright (as naked as I can get it).
  • Clean and warm with slight breakup
    We have the basic classic guitar effects
  • more overdrive/dist

My typical HX setup:
slot 1 - EQ?
slot-2 overdrive?
slot-3 modulation
Slot-4 FX loop Blackbird (Always for every preset)
Slot 5 - cab sim or IR (Always for every preset)
Slot 6 - delay
Slot 7 Reverb
Slot 8 Looper (Always for every preset)

I bought a Mission Eng Line 6 pedal and am not even using it yet! (am spending most of my time practicing looping). As I incorporate that into my setup, I shall add to this post (don’t hold your breath - it will be a while…)


Thanks for a comprehensive response - much appreciated!!

Zombie thread, but fwiw in case anyone has similar queries in future. I created attached Word doc for my MC6 to help me visualise how I wanted to lay it out. Fairly self-explanatory - uses tables with all sorts of alignments and cell paddings to give consistent text entry and produce a sort of graphical view of what (to me) are the key things I wanted to see when stringing it all together.

To be fair, I’m only using one MIDI pedal atm so it’s a very simple setup for me!


this is awesome. helpful and easy to read. this looks like a great template. my pedalboard is being built right now with the MC8, which i’ve never used before . . . probably several weeks until i get it and i wanted something like this to begin to visualize how to best use it.

i’m OSX and don’t have Word so this doc gets converted to Pages (which i don’t know) if i want to edit it. was this difficult to format? i need to add 2 buttons to it for the MC8.

Thanks! To make it MC8 layout I guess highlight one of the columns containing the switch and “insert column”? then there would be a bit of column resizing to make it fit portrait! Or change to landscape.

I’ve used merged cells and differing cell margins and hidden table borders and stuff - dead easy to edit in Word, confess I’ve never used pages though!