MC8 - setting up bank navigation using the preset number scroll method

I have set up the MC8 to respond to midi channel 1.
I want a quick way - for live use - to be able to pick a particular bank quickly.
I don’t want to do 16 double switch taps to get to bank 16 from bank 1 for example.

I set up a bank to use as a “MC8 Bank Navigation Scroller” using three switches - using them the same way as you would use to scroll through patches on a pedal.

i.e. send “bank up” / “bank down’ on two switches - by sending “increment only” / “decrement only” to a number scroll list - and then a third button as a “jump” button.
This works well.

My question is - can I set the MC8 to use ANY midi channel number ?
Or does it have to be channel one?
What would cause a midi loop on the MC8?
If I sent a cc# or a PC# on a switch to channel 1 - the mc8 - would this cause a loop?

the “Jump” button can only send a PC or CC message.
what is the corrdct method to make the MC8 “Jump” MIDI?
do I have to set MIDI THRU on the MC8?

Not clear on whether you’re using the MC or an external controller to change banks on the MC?

If it’s the former, a pretty neat approach is to set eg your top-right switch to contain a msg with an action you don’t normally use for selecting sounds (like a Long Press Release) and set that msg to Bank Change Mode.

You can set the MC to use any midi channel, global settings in the editor. Then to use an external midi source to change banks on the mc send the required CCs and/or PCs as per MC8 User Manual (Firmware v3.10)

Thanks for your reply.
I wanted to use three switches on a bank in the MC8 itself.
I just ran my MIDI OUT line from the MC8 5pin connector, through all of my pedals, and back to the MC8 5pin MIDI IN connector.
This set up allows me to use the PC# Scroll method, and a Counter, to scroll through the Counter list, until I reach a particular bank, and then send a PC# Message back to the MC8, this then makes it Jump to any “selected” bank.

If it works don’t go fixing it! But this seems like a very round about way to do essentially what Bank Change Mode is that’s built in to the MC8 already.

Yeah agreed - especially as Bank Change Mode doesn’t consume a bank, and shows the bank’s name and number. Each to their own!

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Try navigating to banks 12-18 from bank 1 or bank 30, urgently, on a dark stage, using BANK UP / DOWN DOUBLE FOOTSWITCH method, while the band are waiting to play! ……

Well, that’s kinda my point… on my MC6 I don’t! I long press my top right switch, which puts my controller into Bank Change Mode, I use buttons A or C to go up or down and button B to select the Bank I want. Worth trying!

Yeah we’re not talking about the dual FS method of changing banks but there is an Action Type called “Bank Change Mode” that allows for quickly jumping to any bank. Another thing to look into if you are playing specific sets is using the Custom order for banks. I only have like 8 banks before it jumps back to bank 1. Easy enough to reorder banks before a show to match that nights set.

You live & learn don’t you?
I seem to have completely bypassed the “Bank Change mode” in my MC8 programming journey - so thanks to all who replied and put me on the right path!


I’ve revamped my banks countless times now due to people here showing me how convoluted I’ve managed to make my setup! :rofl:

Thats an interesting way to go about it.
I too have to navigate banks quickly, but my brain solved the issue for me like this:

  • I have banks arranged by effect type (Octave, Dirt, Envelope/Phase, Chorus, Reverb). I also have banks for live sets that are just simplified and more catered to the band i’m playing with. I also have switches that engage/disengage effects and an “Oh Sh^t” switch to disengage everything, reset to my default PC’s in the pedals and get back to my clean tone.

  • I use the Bank Jump option which allows me to step on a button and instantly jump to the bank I know I want, then when I hit a switch to send a cc message on “release” it bank jumps back to my ‘main menu’

  • I also have a ‘sub menu’ thats divided by “set lists” one for my overall default “have everything” layout. one for cover band I play with and another for the original music band I play with. These are just modified versions of my default layout with less bank jumping and more specific combinations of effects I know im going to use with those songs.

  • oh I forgot to mention, I sacrifice 1 button on most of my layouts for a page toggle, and I have dual switching off (got too prone to missteps when I was trying to do things live). This way I can easily access the whole page and increase the amount of options I have. My MIDI messages are usually CC messages or the occasional PC message sent to the Neuro hub to activate those scenes.

I initially thought of doing a bank scroll but I figured there was gonna be a potential for error on my end and I needed things to be as thoughtless as possible while playing on stage.

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Thats the beauty of the MC. So many options for things like this.

I arrange my banks:
1&2 core sounds.
3-18 songs arranged A-Z (and of course Setlist manager allows changes to these from backup files before the gig).
19-24 sounds (bank of dirts, bank of choruses, etc).
25-28 synths.
29 testing bank.
30 browse bank (lets me browse presets on all pedals).

I’ve got an ext switch connected to my MC6 which gives me bank change mode and page toggle regardless of what state the MC is in. And tap tempo.

My controller boots to bank one. Presets F and L in all banks have a double tap action to jump to next “block” of banks (so if I’m in a Song bank, I jump to bank 19 chorus; if I’m in a Sounds bank I jump to bank 25 synths) . Long press takes me back to bank one (except for within bank one coz that would make no sense - I’m already there!)

All banks have on enter presets to: disengage expression messages; send “load first patch / sound in bypass mode” to C4 synth; bypass dirt / chorus pedals.

So I can alway get to bank change mode from the ext switch, and browse A-Z. And long pressing top right on MC always takes me home. In both cases, doing so bypasses all pedals.

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