MC8: Set toggle on enter - does it send corresponding MIDI?


Imagine I have a bank with a toggle-mode preset that on position 2 turns on a pedal and position 1 turns it off. Then in the bank, I set op an On Enter event with a “Set Toggle” action that engages the toggle-mode preset. Will that also send the MIDI actions that are programmed to that preset, or does it “just” toggle the preset but without firing any MIDI messages that has been programmed to the preset on toggle positions such as a Press event?

It seems it doesn’t. It just engages it, but I’d like a way to engage a toggle preset and fire the action programmed to the Press event on the preset.

Is that possible somehow?

Yes, you can do that - use the Engage Preset message instead of Set Toggle.

Set Toggle just sets the toggle state of the selected presets, and does not execute them.

Engage Preset executes the selected Preset based on the selected action.

The terms for toggle positions Engage Toggle and Dis-Engage Toggle could use some explanation/rethinking. The documentation on this command is ambiguous and spread across multiple wiki pages (and the OP’s question is not covered)

Why not rename Engage Toggle to Pos 1 (and Dis-Engage Toggle to Pos 2) if they just set the state.

Then you have the choices of the various states (Pos1, Pos2, Shift, Shift+, Unshifted) plus the one action, Toggle (which might be better called Toggle Pos1/Pos2).

Engage is an abstract term and requires interpretation to understand.

The term “Engage” is confusing because elsewhere to execute on a presets action/messages.

The problem with Engage Preset is that it does not seem to respect toggle Pos 1 or Pos 2 in any controllable way. If it’s set On Enter it’ll just toggle between Pos 1 and Pos 2 each time you enter the bank. It would be great to have a way to select which toggle position is fired on bank entry.

As a work around I’ve set up a non-used switch action on the preset (i.e. Long Press) to fire the desired messages I want to set on bank entry, then set Engage Preset to trigger Long Press.