MC8 - set bank range?

Is it possible to set the bank range on the MC8? As an example, say I set the range from 1-4, if I was on bank 4, and pressed buttons C + D (bank up), it would go to bank 1. Can’t seem to find a way to do this.

In the Controller Settings >> Bank Arrangement section.

You can enable the Custom Bank Sequence function, and then the controller will follow the Custom Bank Sequence that is specified. In the image below, the controller will just bank up from bank 1 to bank 4, and then loop back to Bank 1.

Thanks a million!

I had found the Bank Arrangement section before, but was only able to re-arrange the order, not remove banks. It seem all I had to do was drag the bank off the list (was trying “delete”, “right click” etc).

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Yup, dragging it off the list will remove the bank

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