MC8 sending messages to Lehle Switch

Hi everyone, this is my problem: I have my MC8 connected to 12 pedals. At the end of the midi chain, there’s a Lehle switch (which I use for switching 3 amplifiers).
If I send a midi program change to one pedal using the MC8, that midi program change goes also to the Lehle (nothing goes to the other pedals): the strange thing is that if I send the same midi program change directly from the pedal (not from the MC8), nothing goes to the Lehle!
Very weird…
Any suggestions?
Thank you :pray:

Can you check the MIDI channel of your Lehle to make sure it’s not overlapping with something else?

Oh yes, the Lehle was in omnimode: so I programmed to a specific channel and all went fine!
Thank you

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