MC8 + SA C4 without Neuro Hub?

Quick question:
I just bought a Source Audio C4. The manual states that the pedal takes Midi via USB if connected to an “USB host”. Will the MC’s USB port do the job?

Sadly no. You need either the source audio neuro hub or one of the DMC boxes that provides host.

Use an USB Host .
I did it with IConnectivity MIOXL before … selling my C4 :wink:
I think that a simpler USB Host as Doremidi’s one would also do the trick.
Advantage of Neuro Hub is price and integration with other SA pedals but it is now quite obsolete.
MioXL would allow routing midi which is very useful, Bome Box also should work.


Looks interesting, thanks.

I love the idea of some of those Source Audio Pedals but the integration of the host is a step too far. I hope they reintroduce some with proper midi implementation.

There are a few, like the EQ2, that have proper MIDI. Agreed: it’s a pain having to have an external box. If you’ve got 1+ SA pedals with usb then the hub is the thing to get. Even then, programming 3+ sounds on the older SA pedals means setting up scenes on the hub which is a bit of a pain to get started with. Being able to send CC (like the C4 and newer pedals) is better but still needs a host box

Just been reading up on the Bome Box. Good grief! If you can’t connect your MIDI with that you’re not trying hard enough!! That’s quite the piece of kit.

I use it to manage my Iconnectivity MIOxx :wink: , Bome has actually one of the best support team, may be even than Morningstar (because here, James is alone, how could he managed to do all this !!!)
If you get any question, ask them and get a solution in next hours.