MC8 Program Change scroll

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I’m looking for a way to increment a Program change by a preset, whatever its value.
I’m sure the question has already been raised, but I can’t find it in the forum or the docs.
For example, if the preset patch on a machine for a song is 50, I’d like to be able to plan a variation on patch 51, so have a preset on the MC8 that says PC +1 and another that says PC -1 to get back to 50.
In the next song, the patch used on this machine might be 40, and in the same way, I’d like to access 41 via the same MC8 preset that says PC+1.
Is this possible? And how?

Thanks in advance for your help.

PS : The bank used on the MC8 when i’m in "playin situation’ is allways the same.

You might want to have a look at this

Yes, that answers my question exactly.
Thanks a lot GuitarWolf !

The trick here is going to be setting the scroll counter to the required starting value eg 40, 50 given that you’re staying in the same bank. I would guess (though never tried it myself) it’s easy if you’re using a one bank per song model… add an On Enter bank message to set the scroll counter.

If you’re in the same bank then you’ll need a way of setting the scroll counter’s start position eg 40, 50 from within that one bank. Maybe you could have a preset in the bank with messages that set the scroll counter, each with a different action that can co-exist nicely per the table in Action Type List ?

Hello Moley,
Thank you for your reply.
I happen to have a lot of songs in the bank as I play with several bands. With the duo alone, I have nearly 80, so it’s impossible to use 1 bank per song on the MC8.
It’s actually a tablet that calls up an MC8 preset. Songs are divided into 10 banks, and each preset sets BeatBuddy, Kemper, Vocalist, looper and even some XR18 parameters.
The Bank Jump function then always takes me to the same bank, which is my “playing bank” from which I can control basic machine functions.
It turns out that sometimes I need to modify the Vocalist preset just for a moment, but of course it’s never the same, depending on the song.
So I figured that when I need to do this in a song, I could program 2 contiguous presets in the Vocalist and move around with PC+1 and PC-1.

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Ah nice and easy then, just set the scroll counter as part of each preset!