MC8 Pro anytime soon?

I was wondering if there’s hope of an MC8 Pro somewhere on the horizon? I love my 8 buttons but am a little envious of the flashy lights.
And maybe, one day, if the Morningstar gods see fit, I’d love to buy an ML20X! I use 2 ML10X’s as I think many other people do as well, but have to sacrifice a loop in each to connect them, so a 20 would be really nice.
Cheers : )


See: About the MC3/6/8 and ML10X stock situation - #28 by Hawkins76

Thanks quadstar, I did see this but just wanted to add another enthusiastic voice to the chorus I guess. Plus how good would an ML20X be? Haha

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Probably by year end. We’re just about test the LCDs we’ve selected for the MC8 Pro


Interesting… Why different displays for the MC8 Pro than the MC6 Pro?

I assumed it would be an MC6 Pro with two more switches and one more display.

For the MC8 we’re not too concerned about keeping it small and compact


This is music to my ears.

Not that you asked but what I’d love to see in an MC8 Pro:

  • Single unified display

  • 2 Sets of MIDI DIN I/O with the ability to route them independently in the MIDI matrix

  • Sync In/Out (KORG and Pocket Operator-style)

  • Wayyyy more counters (like as many as you can fit since these are the keys to building logic-based presets)

  • Ability to render Unicode (UTF-8 or 16) characters

Not sure about this yet… we do have some samples for a large bar type LCD but it will push up the price by quite a substantial amount if you take into account cost of LCD and warranty obligations. We’re trying our best not to sell a $500 MIDI Controller :sweat_smile: Maybe for another line of controllers



But… I can’t speak for anyone else but I think the people who are looking to buy an MC8 Pro are the kind of people who would like to see what a $500 midi controller looks like :sweat_smile: I know I would.


I also wouldn’t mind some physical knobs or faders on the device :pinched_fingers:


Would also like ML-20x. But frankly would also love to see simple 10 true bypass looper without complex loop reordering as a separate product. I.e. ML5 but with 10 True Bypass Loops, so maybe ML10 (without the x)? Please? Would buy 2. Ty!

Thanks James, I appreciate that.

That is, unfortunately, not possible. It gets very expensive very quickly.

Just for fun… to give a ballpark for just the matrix ICs alone to do a 20 loop switcher, it’ll cost somewhere between USD200 to USD1200, depending on whether you want to use 4 separate chips or an all in one. All in one ICs are usually not stocked or have small quantities available.

So, assuming the cheaper option, once you add in all the other costs and translate that to a retail price, I think we’re looking at easily USD1200 retail price for a ML20X :exploding_head:

Thanks, James. What about ML10 without the x please? Just 10 true bypass loops?

You could put an ml10x in one of the loops in the middle if you wanted. If your fuzz options, wah, pitch goes in loops 1-4 and you put a 10x inside loop5 (or 5/6 if stereo) of a 10 loop true bypass looper, you could move options around inside the 10x in between your logical early effects and then put time based stuff after it say in loops 7-10 of true bypass looper. Then you wouldn’t need all the switching options for 20 loops, and yoy could put effects in true bypass loops that don’t do well with buffers.


Any reason you couldn’t just get two ML5’s? I’ve seen plenty of folks do this.


Of course, good question. Just to save space. 1 device using the same 2 input/output structure as ML10x that is just ML10 in the space of the ML5 or ML10x would be awesome. But it is really just space, and that should also cut cost vs making 2 full devices I would think.

PSA: In case anyone was waiting, the MC6 Pro is in stock now.


Just a though : may be it would be better to have an MC12 Pro rather than an MC8 Pro, we could have 2 pages of MC6 Pro in one MC12 Pro display… and the display could ‘scroll’ by half left or righet when asking for next/previous page. The best of 2 worlds ?

My guess is the once you go beyond a certain size, you limit your audience to those who need that many buttons that also have a large space on a large pedalboard.

8 is probably more popular than 12 or that reason. You can add more buttons to an 8, but of course the smaller screen will be a challenge.

Would be nice if the Pro devices could split up their displays to provide some space for external buttons…

I agree with you 12 is 2 x MC6 Pro.
But it would play very well with the notion of pages in Morningstar software, especially using a sliding concept.
And may be it could be laid out on 3 rows rather than 2, in this case it is no more ‘very large’ but just as large as an actual MC8. Just the dimensions of one of these ‘I do everything’ guitar simulators pedals ( Quad Cortex, kemper, Line 6, etc.)
And a large display could be set above the 3 rows, no need for color here if the MC6 Pro smaller displays are maintained for each switch.