MC8 power supply

OK so I am using my MC8 mostly at my desk, that means it is always plugged into USB.
That is all fine except that it still takes power from my Mac even when this one is in sleep mode and that …sucks as that means the MC8 is basically ON 24/7.
So I tried powering it with my CIOKS DC7 through the 9V input as I hoped this would take the lead and act as the main power source and will so turn the unit OFF when I turn my power supply OFF but nope.

So I guess this is a marginal request but would that be possible from the firmware to choose if the unit can take power from USB or not ?


Unfortunately that is not possible on the MC8.

I believe there is a setting you can change on your mac to have the USB ports not supply power when its asleep.

Nothing that I know of but I’ll do some research.

Thank anyway

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The MC8 draws power primarily from the USB. Remove the power supply and it Wil continue to be powered by the USB. This is also useful when using with the Cioks DC7 which has a USB output.

I am phantom powering my MC-8 via RJM RG-16 on 7pin DIN;
phantom is coming from a Yankee HS-M12. The manual doesn’t say not to connect both usb and phantom power, so I assume having both connected simultaneously is safe to do. From what you are saying, the MC-8 will prioritize power from USB and therefore phantom is just ignored until USB is disconnected?

I don’t intend to hijack, just seems my question fits in this thread :slight_smile:

It’s safe to use USB power and Phantom power together. When either is disconnected, it’ll just draw from the other.

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thanks for the confirmation :smile:

Just to say that I had a ground loop issue which I tracked down to having both the phantom power over MIDI DIN and USB plugged into MC-8 at the same time. This is pretty obvious, I’m just posting for any others who might be chasing the same issue :slight_smile:

I have a similar question. Is there are way to simply power off the MC-8?

There doesn’t seem to be any switch or means to do so other than pulling the “plug”.

If there was this would solve the problem.

Please let me know if I’m missing something here.


There’s no power switch on the MC8. Like most guitar pedals, plugging in the power will turn on the device.