MC8 Power Supply which one to purchase?

Anyone found one they purchased that works well.

I think it depends more on what else you are going to power? Do you have a pedal board or other equipment to power? Or just looking for a 1 off wall wart? The MC8 requirements are minimal compared to some of the multi-fx pedals out there.

Needs 250mA centre neg 9v which is quite hefty really. If it’s sharing a power supply with other audio gear I’d use an isolated PSU.

I power MC6 and loads of other stuff off a Truetone CS7. I’d recommend it, good piece of kit. IEC inlet for mains, plenty of outlets and power, isolated, one 18v outlet (can be converted to 9 with adaptor), fits under boards and comes with mounting brackets.

I am using the Strymon Zuma. Works great.

Thanks for the replies!
Is there just a wall wart I can use ?
I only need to power this unit. All other equipment is racked.

So you’re just after something that gives you at least 250mA 9volt, regulated, 2.1mm diameter centre negative DC jack (watch the length as they vary, around 10-11mm is snug without metal showing).

Also worth noting you can power it using the USB port (powered hub, battery pack, your phone charger if it’s got enough juice) or it’ll take phantom power over MIDI (wiring etc is in the manual).

Thanks moley6knipe
Just what I needed to know. The Samsung fast charging charger worked just fine !!

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Check this out.

Its the size of a 9volt and can be powered with a battery power bank or usb C charger.

If you bought an MC8 it means you have lots of other pedals - power hungry pedals. check out the CIOKS DC series - start with the DC7 - it has seven 660mA outputs that are stackable and each output can be switched for 9/12/15/18 (or stacked to make 24) volts - I am using it to power an Effectrode Blackbird (uses two outputs), an HX Stomp (uses two more outputs), an Xotic EP booster (running at 18v), a TS Mini tube screamer, a SUHR Micro MIDI (to control the Blackbird via MC8) and the MC8, and the CIOKS DC7 is powering all of them without issue, and can be easily expanded. I especially like that every output’s voltage can be switched from 9 to 12 to 15 to 18 volts.

thanks for the info…no not a lot of pedals…I use a Roland vg-99 a Roland GR-55 and 4 expression pedal…
just needed something compact herein the MC8