Mc8 or mc6 remote button press via PC not CC possible?

I’m wondering if there is a way aside from using control change messages to engage a button press equivalent remotely on the MC6 or MC8? My switchblade system that is controlled via my sequencer only sends out PC messages. I have a Quad Cortex that only changes scenes via control change messages and an hx stomp that I need cc messages for toggling so I will be using my MC6 or buying an MC8 to use as a translator between the two devices. Basically the switchblade sends out the preset number and hopefully the MC6 or MC8 can change presets via PC message received. I already have the cc messages for the quad cortex and hx stomp in the Morning star editor / MC6. I realize I could tell my sequencer to send out cc messages to the MorningStar to change presets thus using the MorningStar as the master but that is a whole other nightmare of reprogramming every song with all its changes and adding CC messages that I dread redoing. Thanks so much for any insight or help.

That’s not possible, unfortunately. PC messages are reserved for Bank selection on the MC3/6/8.

Ok thank you for the quick response.