MC8 not communicating with ML5


While building a pedalboard with full MC8 integration, I purchased and set up an ML5, and at first had great success with the device. It was working exactly according to design. Just a day or two later, the device stopped responding altogether to the MC8. I have tried different MIDI cables (cables that definitely work from MC8 to my HX Stomp or to my Strymon Volante with no issue), and I have tried without going MIDI Thru those pedals, and directly between MC8 and ML5. I have double and triple checked all my MIDI settings on those pedals while going thru them to the ML5, but it is no different if I connect thru or go directly between MC8 and ML5.

Suddenly, however, I can no longer even send a basic PC or CC message to change the receiving channel of the ML5. I have tried holding the E switch while power cycling to change the MIDI channel to 6, but the learn button continuously blinks after sending a MIDI Channel 6 message from MC8, indicating that nothing was received. I have tried manually selecting MIDI channel 1 by pressing B (after holding E to enter MIDI channel set up mode), but when I send a simple loop toggle CC message on channel 1 from MC8, nothing is changed on the ML5.

What’s strange is that all the functionality of the ML5 is working properly besides the MIDI control. No crazy or unpredictable behavior in the ML5 like in the discussion here: [Solved] Trouble with MC8 and ML5. I can turn on and off loops and my pedals are all properly working. The Cross MIDI Thru setting is set to off on the MC8. I am hoping it’s just a simple user error on my part, but I am not sure what else to try, and any help would be much appreciated!


Does the MIDI Thru port on the ML5 work? i.e does your HX stomp etc receive MIDI messages if connected to the ML5 MIDI Out/Thru port?

Not ruling out a potential issue with the ML5 MIDI IN port, but let’s troubleshoot further.

Hi James, thanks for getting back so quickly -

No, I have the ML5 sending thru to a Strymon Sunset (with an DIN-TRS adaptor), and it worked just fine prior to the failure in MC8-ML8 communication for sending thru, but now it no longer works.

Thanks for the info!

Can you send an email to and let us know your order number along with a video of the issue? In the video, just show the MC connected to the ML5 midi input and your hx stomp connected to the ML5 MIDI out and engaging a preset showing the hx stomp not responding. Then connecting the MC directly to the HX Stomp showing that it works.

We just need the video to verify any warranty claims (just in case it’s user error). We can then offer some options to resolve this

Thanks for taking the time to troubleshoot this

Okay, I went through and rerouted and retested for the sake of the video, and then the ML5 was working perfectly, with and without the stomp. I then plugged it back through my Strymon Volante (MC8>HX Stomp>Volante>ML5>Sunset), and pinpointed the issue to the Volante. I had already tried what I thought was every relevant change in options on the Volante before starting this thread, but I missed the one in the attached photo (obviously should have started with this one, but I simply saw DIN MIDI Through set to ‘On,’ and was sure that was what I needed for success). What I didn’t realize was that the Volante was sending MIDI Thru along with its own MIDI messages when in the On position, but it also sends MIDI Thru, just no additional messages, in the Off position.

Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 10.47.06 AM

So I learned today that the ML5 does not do well with receiving MIDI messages from multiple sources, and that pedals (besides MC or something like it) preceding it in the chain should not be transmitting additional messages.