MC8, ML5 on same power source

I will be using a Cioks DC-7 to power my board. Each outlet is capable of 660 mA @ 9V. I would like to power my MC8 and the ML5 on the same outlet. Will this be ok? Will this setup add noise to the audio path?

Hi. That should work well. There is no reason that it should affect your audio signal adversely.

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I have been using this setup for a while…in fact I’ve been debating swapping in a Morningstar MIDI in place of my current setup that uses a Meris MIDI and some MC8 outs and a microghost controlling a bunch of Meris and Red Panda stuff.

My DC7 has the Cioks 8 link up as well.

I installed the DC-7 as described. It is working out very well.

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