MC8 Midi to ML5 is incorrect

First, I love my new MC8. Stepped up from the MC6 and added the ML5. Issues with the ML5…here is what I am seeing…

PC 1 = Loop A
PC 2 = B
PC 3 = A and B (Wrong !)
PC 4 = 3 (Wrong again !)
PC 5 = A and C (Still wrong !)

Midi Monitor (Mac Editor app) shows the correct messages are sent on the correct channel. The MK8 is directly connected to the ML5.

Using CC messages work fine.


Where are you seeing these instructions about PC messages? My understanding was CC’s control specific loops and PC’s act as whatever you program.
For instance, if you want loops, A, B, and D on PC 1. You manually turn those on (on the ML5) then you hold down learn for a couple seconds. Once let go it’ll be blinking and you just send whatever PC message you want to program, in this case PC 1.
Set up your MC8 with a PC #s first, and then you’re really programming the ML5 with what loops you want engaged at with each PC #.
I have the MC6 and use one bank as stompboxes (all CCs) and a different bank set with PC 1-6 (giving me 6 presets I can change fairly quickly on the fly with the Learn button on the ML5)

Ah, you are correct. I completely mis-read that part of the manual. I was confusing it with CCs 1-5.

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Hi Stephen, glad you’ve figured it out. Anyhow, this video about the ML5 will be useful if you haven’t watched it yet: