MC8 Midi Thru functionality

I just ordered my MC8!
I’m excited to join the community and I look forward to contributing to the ongoing discussion.

I would like to be able to send midi messages straight from my computer through the MC8 without any additional routing. I have two questions regarding MIDI thru functionality

  1. I understand that it is a soft midi thru. Once this option is enabled in the global settings, will it be a persistent setting?
  2. assuming the MC8 is hooked up to the computer, can midi messages be sent to it via the USB and will these messages be automatically routed to MIDI out?

Hi. Yes, supported MIDI messages will be automatically relayed from your USB port out through the 5-pin and TRS MIDI outputs so long as you enable Cross MIDI Thru on your Morningstar controller. The supported MIDI messages are PC, CC, Note On, Note Off, Pitch Change and After Touch messages.

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