MC8 Midi Output black out

Hi, everything was working swimmingly this morning.
After a break, I come back to the situation and there is no Midi Out from the DIN.
For better testing I hooked up MC8 to Logic and the midi is only working thru the USB, it seems.
I have been fiddling with the editor, did a back up upload as well.
Tried different cables as well. Seems like a bug.
Is there a way to hard reset the machine?

I have other questions regarding Elektron equipment, but first I gotta get the machine up and running (hopefully).

*Running on the firmware v3.8.3 and the latest editor edition.

Iā€™m having this problem with a brand new MC8 as well. Midi messages are recorded in the editor via USB, but no such luck via the 5 pin Midi out jack. Any solutions?

Edit: A full power cycle after updating the firmware seems to have sorted it out. For future reference.