MC8 MIDI out not working

I have an MC8 controlling various MIDI devices including an ML5. I had it working, rebuilt my rig, and now can’t get it to work. Regardless of cables used, MIDI devices used, Morningstar editor disconnected, and verifying channel configs, I can’t get anything to respond to MC8 messages. I do see messages in the MIDI monitor when the Editor is connected, so I’m thinking it might be a problem with the MIDI out jack.

I suspect the MIDI out is not working. I backed up the controller settings and bank data, did a factory reset, restored the settings and data, tried again, and still nothing responded.

Any suggestions?

Sorry to hear. Been there and very frustrating. Most of the time it’s a Midi cable, notorious for easily breaking down. I’ve had three go at once when rebuilding a board! Always keep a couple extra in your gig bag. Work your way through the following and guaranteed it will work.

Support recommended enabling midi thru, connecting the Midi OUT to the MIDI in, and programming a program change message, and the device responded to it. When I disabled midi thru and reconnected the MC8 to my rig, it now works. No idea what gremlins were at work. All cables tested OK. Chalk it up to chaos. Thanks for the help.

Gremlins vs. intermittent cable. Only time will tell, but, in my opinion, you should set up small traps and sleep with one eye open. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: