MC8 MIDI Clock control via Exp Pedal

Hi there, Is it possible to control MC8’s internal clock to via an expression pedal? If so, how? Thanks!

It seems like it would work and would be a smoother way to adjust the time.

Hi! Welcome. I can’t think of a way to do that… but it would be a nice feature. The challenge would be that an expression typically sweeps from 0 to 127 but clock could be a value above 127.

A standard CC message can get it’s CC value from an expression pedal so in that sense an MC can “read” an expression value 0 to 127.

Dunno: me, if I need clock, I tap it in on the MC!

Thanks! I see. Yeah I’m big on syncing just about everything with the clock. The MC does it yes. Maybe it’s just me but it’s been hard to get the tap to respond tightly to the exact tempo. Where as a exp pedal would allow precision in theory.

Just a tip! You can scroll through and input the exact BPM with your feet with the MIDI Clock Tempo menu. Shown and explained here:

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Thanks for sharing! This may be my best bet for my current needs.

Well answered.

I faced this when I decided to experiment with an expression controller in my own clock device for adjusting BPM. My approach to the challenge was to make the changes relative to the current BPM. It’s not a perfect solution and requires a little planning before-hand of what you are going to do, since you don’t just have the ability to freely sweep through the entire BPM range like you would, say with an Infinite Rotary Encoder, but it was cool to be able to get it to happen.

But I see this much more as a performance based action and not a good way to simply pick BPMs before starting the clock. If the goal is to select a BPM and then start the clock, @Brandon was is certainly best.

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