MC8 Midi Clock at Bank Change?

I’m hoping this is something easy that I’m missing. I currently have my MC8 to start a MIDI Clock when I press a button to recall my main Delay/Reverb presets for each song (each bank). This is great as I have the Clock set to persistent, so it keeps that tempo for the entire bank. My issue is when I leave that main delay/reverb preset and come back to it, it restarts the midi clock causing my delay to be off time for a couple beats.

Is there a way I could change it to start the MIDI clock at Bank Enter or have the MIDI Clock only start the first time that main delay/reverb is pressed?

Sorry, I tried to make that as clear as I could…

I just added this yesterday to the v3.8.0 beta firmware - a MIDI clock message type for the bank preset.

the firmware is quite stable - you can give it a try. we’ll likely release v3.8.1 this week

This is amazing!! Updated and am using the beta for practice tomorrow.

Thanks for the quick response and hard work!! One more reason why your midi controllers are the right choice!

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