MC8 "lost PC numbers"

For some reason PC number values I have to send via my MC8 are offset by -1.
For example, if I want to switch all loops of an G-Lab m4l to “off” I have to send a PC# 10 instead of an PC# 11, which would be the correct value. If I send a PC# 11 via my Boss ES8, which is positioned first in my MIDI signal chain (ES8->MC8->Source Audion EQ2-> G-Lab m4l-> others) everything works as intended. Any suggestions what is causing this?

Pardon my english, I’m not a nativ speaker


It’s just different manufacturers using different standards. When programming our (and most other) MIDI controllers, we use the values 0 - 127. Other companies, like Boss, use 1-128, but the underlying value is actually 0-127. They just show it visually as 1-128.

Thanks for your reply,
I think I have to deal with this slight inconvenience then. :confused:

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