MC8 into a Pedal with Expression or CV trig in


I’m creating this topic to gather information and Knowledge about “non midi” pedal with an Exp or Cv Trig In. I’m using an Electro Harmonix Attack Decay, this pedal have a Exp/Cv In that can be use to control many functionality this pedal offer.

Is this possible to control those thing via the MC8 knowing that it doesn’t have midi implemented circuit but only Exp/CV. For example i have one EXP pedal plug in my MC8 and i want it to control the EXH or changing preset with it . How far can i control this kind of pedal with the MC8. It is a Midi controller only or it can send CV impulse too ?

here’s some snap from the EHX manual:

Connect an expression pedal or control voltage (CV) to allow
for external control over every knob on the Attack Decay. See page 10 for
a description on how to set up and control the Attack Decay with an
external expression pedal. Connect a clock pulse to EXP to trigger the
volume envelopes from an external source
Additionally, the EXP IN jack can be
connected to a CV source using a TS plug; the acceptable control voltage
range is 0V to 5V. The acceptable trigger clock pulse amplitude range is
1.5Vpp to 15Vpp.

thank you ! And really glad to be part of this community now !

Hello. Our MIDI controllers do not send Control Voltage.

Thank you for the replies ! i will figure something out ^^