Mc8 highlight preset when on


Does anyone know if it possible to set the mc8 to highlight the activated preset on the display?
So when you hit preset A it will highlight in the display and when you hit preset B it will highlight in the display and so on?

I might be missing something?

Thanks for the help:)

Have you tried Preset Blink and Toggle yet?

I really don’t know how I could miss that! Just what i was looking for.
Huge thanks!


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No problem, I still constantly feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface on this thing! Let us know if you have any trouble.

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Didn’t do the work unfortunately:)
I don’t want to toggle thru position 1 and 2.
Just to have the blink feature enabled regardless of toggle position. Best way to see which preset is engaged. Is that possible?

Think of Toggle Position 1 as on (engaged), and Toggle Position 2 as off (dis-engaged). Every time you hit one, you have a Set Toggle message that dis-engages the others.

Outside of using the Toggle Blink, I’m not sure this is possible. Are you utilizing both positions in your presets for different actions? Maybe post a screenshot of one of your presets and we could come up with a work around.

Sounds like a logical impossibility to me…. blink is for when the preset is engaged. So if it’s it not engaged then it won’t blink. Happy to be proved wrong with some creative thinking though!