MC8 HeadRush Looperboard Peel

I’m using the MC8 to control HeadRush Looperboard. I’m pretty new at MIDI. I have the basics working for Rec/Play/Dub and Stop etc but I cannot get the MC8 to activate the Looperboard’s Track Peel function. See attached for how I setup button A.

By the way, I tried setting button A to Long Hold “Track Fade” (cc no 3 value 30) and it worked fine. Just not the Track Peel.
Any ideas gratefully received.

I’m not familiar with the Headrush units, but for the Morningstar controllers, if you want to use Press and Long Press to execute different event, you should consider using Release and Long Press instead. This is because a Long Press action will also trigger a Press action. Not sure if this will help with the issue you are facing.

Hi @MikeMC8HeadRush
I do have an Headrush looperboard that’s allways in the stand so I can use the touch screen easily and have a good sight on workflow. I replicated all the funtions of the looperboard switches on my MC8 with plus direct access to effects toggling and loop change. Did @james advice resolve your problem? If not, I can help you. @james I can help you in advice to Headruch users because I use my MC8 to control all funtions of the Looperboard and Gigboard. I’ll stay tuned to new Headrush topics.

Hey @XLooper, are you still using your MC8 with a Looperboard? If so, I’m wondering how you control the effects. The Headrush manual shows that the only MIDI controls for effects are to toggle racks 1 through 4, there’s no way to turn force them on or off. So I’m wondering how you synchronize the Looperboard and MC8. In other words, when you load a Looperboard song which might have any combination of effects racks and inputs, how do you get the MC8 to reflect that same state?

I use the Looperboard for a mixture of vocal and guitar effects (inputs 1 and 2, respectively) so toggling any one rack may or may not affect the others. I wish Headrush had given us extra MIDI messages so that when loading a song I could have the MC8 send turn all four FX racks off and then only enable the ones I want to start the song with…

Hi @dswitkin . I allready sell my Looperboard because I had the feeling that Looperboard is noi longer in Headrush priorities. When I bought it it seemed the perfect looper for me at the time and that it had aa big progression margin in the future. Unfortunatelly after some months. Headrush stopped to develop new features and worse of all didn´t answer user threaths.
I took a look at my old notes and confirm that the only midi command for effects is toggle.

Thanks for checking, I appreciate it. Yes it’s a shame they have not continued to put out new firmware updates but it still works well for me so I have kept it. I hope I can control the effects via MIDI so that I don’t have to keep switching into the effects layer because it’s too many footswitch presses. Plus I don’t like navigating away from the track screen and not being able to start and stop tracks while I’m viewing another page.