MC8 - Fractal FM3 and Scenes

Hi there,

Is is possible for the MC8 to show / switch between the scenes on a FM3 Preset?

My intention is to use the 3 buttons on the Fractal FM3 to select presets and the MC8 to select Scenes within the selected preset.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

It cant read a text label for a thing back from a pedal and display it on screen. But you can program any button to do anything. So assuming the Fractal’s MIDI implementation is documented and you know what PC, CC etc values to send to it from the MC then you can switch things on the fractal, and label the buttons on the MC so the screen shows eg “Dirt”, “Song2” or whatever

Many thanks for taking the time to reply - I think I’ve just found a youtube vid of someone doing what I need on the MC6 so I think it should work the same on the MC8. All the best.

Hi, I’m trying to ascertain if the MC-8 can display the scene names from different presets, e.g. if I change from Preset 1 to Preset 2, can it automatically show the scene names from Preset 2. Is this what you were trying to solve? Can you point me to the youtube vid?

Hi there, still learning how to use this myself but from what I’ve learned so far the MC8 will not mirror scene names from the FM3 - you have to enter the names yourself on the MC8 editor. The problem you would then get is that it would use those names for every preset regardless of the name of the scene on the FM3. I have the scenes for my presets laid out as follows: 1st row of the 2 switches as Clean 1 and Clean 2 (Scene 1 & 2). 2nd row Crunch 1 and Crunch 2 (Scene 3 & 4). 3rd row Dist 1 and Dist 2 (Scene 5 & 6) and 4th row as Solo 1 and Solo 2 (Scene 7 & 8). It’s not ideal but it works for me. I think it may be possible to have it show different names for different scenes in different presets by using the Bank function on the MC8 but I haven’t tried it yet. You can find the youtube video for setting it up by searching “AXE-FX III & MC6 MKII MIDI TUTORIAL - 5 - Select a Scene”. It’s not in English but has subtitles and goes through the process very well. Let me know if you come up with any better solutions. Colin

Thanks Colin. Can you confirm if we need to use two-way communication so that when you change a preset on the FM3, the Morningstar will select the scene of that preset rather than the previous preset?

I would think so because the FM3 would need to send a message to the MC8 telling it that it had changed presets - I’m thinking there must be a way that when the MC8 receives the message it goes to the correct Bank which holds the Scenes for that Preset - I haven’t tried this yet as I’m trying to see if I can get it to do what I want using the simplest method (although if it does what I’ve just described, that would be a relatively simple solution.