MC8 FM3 Integration Problem


Fractal integration works perfectly. if I switch scenes on FM3, the MC8 will “follow” with a blink. FM3 also follows when I switch scenes on MC8. This will work even after switching to another preset, but the names of the scenes / preset number will not be updated on the MC8 display.
If I quit (B + C) and then back, yes.
Latest fw installed. (03.18)
What could be the reason for this?

A feature request: could there be other way to “exit Fractal Integration”?
Is there another way to exit fractal integration than b + c?
Can “b + c engange” be “controlled” with an external midi cc message?
I tried to trigger switches B and C (simultaneously) with “CC 11, 01, CC12, 01” messages in Fractal Integration mode, but it doesn’t work. In Fractal Integration mode, the normal “CC11, 01” message does not trigger switch B.
This b + c is really not good for me. it would be better to program this function for a “long press release”. i don’t use double button anyway.