MC8 Firmware v4?

@james - are there any big plans for the firmware v4 or is the MC8 (specifically) where you wanted it to be feature wise?

Personally I think you’ve done an amazing job with the MC8 and only a hardware update is likely to make a significant improvement on what we have.

Thanks for the comments.

New features are added as and when the need arises - the MC8 was where I wanted it to be 2 years ago but community feedback and support pushed it to where it is now. There are still a number of ideas to test in our backlog.

A v4 firmware is not currently in the works but if there is a v4 firmware.
Following how we label the firmware updates, it would mean a complete overhaul of the controller software (so you can’t use your controller data in v3 and load it into v4). An update of v3.x requires a different editor due to some breaking changes between device and editor (maybe we optimised something so you cant use the editor meant for v3.9 with a v3.10 firmware). A v3.9.x update contains bug fixes and some improvements and new features but the current editor can still be used.

As you might know, a MC6PRO is in the works so that will contain the hardware upgrades, but also at a higher price point. We want the current series to remain affordable (and we’re doing our best to maintain the current price when the cost of raw materials and labour is rising) and something that any new MIDI users can get their feet wet with MIDI.

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