MC8 Expression Pedal on FW 3.11.1 EXP flickering to 100% and back to 0% when no pedal movement

On the current FW 3.11.1 my exp pedal while heel down does read 0% but can flicker to 100% and back quckly which activates and Wah on my HX Stomp momentarily. Have re-calibrated many times and altered sensitivity and it can be steady for a while but then goes off again.

If I drop back to previous FW 3.10.2 I have no issues. I only have one exp pedal but have tried different cables. Pedal is a DOD mini expression pedal set to TRS mode.

As I say previous FW there are no issues.

Thanks, Nick

2023-04-09_MC8_Firmware_v_3_11_1_Exp_Test.hex (590.8 KB)

Can you try this firmware and let me know if the issue still persists for you? Seems like there is a setting we need to add to suit different exp pedals.

Hi James,
Many thanks for such a quick response. I’ve updated with this patch and it seems to be back to how it was, so looks like you’ve fixed it :slight_smile:
Thank you, Nick

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Hey there, rehashing this old thread. I am having the same issue with my MC3, but I wasn’t able to find any firmware fix for it. Is there something I can do aside from downgrading the firmware? Thanks!

Hi Jon,

James sent me a patch. Probably create this as a new issue and James will reply.



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I had the same problem, tested the firmware update, seems to have fixed it. Thanks!

FYI it was working fine when using just one CC message over EXP 1.

But I was testing sending 4 pitchbend messages over EXP 1 to control a GM-800 when I ran into this problem.